Paul White & Danny Brown / Accelerator

Paul White and Danny Brown are inseparable – with their history of frequent collaborations going way back, coming to a peak with Danny Brown’s amazing 2016 album Atrocity Exhibition, few other producer/rapper duos are as experimental and creative as these guys. White’s aggressive, abrasive, often gloomy and gothic production style is simply as unique as Brown’s fast-paced, nasal, and purely insane vocal delivery – and the chemistry on Accelerator is as apparent as ever. While only boasting two tracks (and two respective instrumentals), these tracks stand on their own and are far from being Atrocity Exhibition offcuts.

The first of these two tracks and title track itself, Accelerator, is a heavy, catchy, and percussive anthem, typical of White’s incredibly dense and lush pseudo-industrial hip hop stylings. Danny Brown works wonders over layers of drums and electric guitars – Brown is more of a rockstar than most actual frontmen, bringing incredible amounts of energy and aggression (as well as effectual lyricism) with his vocal performance that we’ve come to love him for. Even without Brown’s additions, Accelerator is far from a boring track. Both Accelerator and Lion’s Den easily stand on their own two feet with just White’s instrumentals.

Lion’s Den is a perfect contrast to Accelerator that showcases Paul White’s varied production talents as well as Danny Brown’s ability to restrain himself (ever so slightly) for a more subdued track. With washed out vocal samples and thick synthesizer melodies, Lion’s Den is such a typical and perfect Paul White beat. Danny Brown’s performance and lyricism are as strong as ever, as the Detroit MC reflects on fame and the perils that come with it.

Few people could have foreseen the amazing chemistry London’s Paul White and Detroit’s Danny Brown, but we’re all glad it happened. Unlike anyone else, this duo drives music forward – experimental hip hop has never been as good as Atrocity Exhibition and this amazing Accelerator EP. This couple needs to stop messing around and just admit they’re a thing, and get to making their next masterpiece.

83 / 100


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