January Recap

Kehlani / SweetSexySavage


Kehlani’s debut studio album is a boring and forgettable mishmash of pop&b second rate singles. The production strives to help Kehlani’s boring vocal performance, and when the production breaks away from the mould it ends up being this album’s strongest feature.

44 / 100

Zooey / The Drifters

a3161942020_10Some of this project’s tracks are interesting, but for the most part this collection of indie pop tunes is unmemorable. Dreamy at best, usually sleepy.

56 / 100

SOHN / Rennen


Rennen‘s assortment of slow, moody synthpop and electronica is occasionally captivating, but for the most part its tracks fall short of being great. You won’t come back for a second listen.

59 / 100

The Flaming Lips / Oczy Mlody


Oczy Mlody finds itself stumbling in the dark as it grasps at neo-psychedelia and dream pop but ends up missing the mark. While there are a handful of stand out moments and a few tracks that work well, most of this album will fade away from listeners’ consciousnesses quickly.

64 / 100

Migos / Culture


Migos’ Culture wants to be a trap masterpiece, but repetitive flows and dull production hold it back. Still, Migos keep the energy going with bangers like Bad and Boujee and Get Right Witcha. Read more: https://albumchats.wordpress.com/2017/01/27/migos-culture/

67 / 100

Brian Eno / Reflection


Brian Eno’s new piece of ambient composition isn’t groundbreaking or innovative in terms of the genre, but for ambient music, it’s more interesting than most.

72 / 100

Matt Martians / The Drum Chord Theory


Matt Martians’ debut keeps with the vibes of Odd Future side project the Internet, finding itself in avant-neo-soul. Solo, Matt is willing to go further and more experimental with his production, but many songs do feel like Internet off cuts.

75 / 100

David Bowie / No Plan


No Plan sees Bowie return from the dead; although only three entirely new tracks coming from this EP, what more could anyone want? More Bowie anyday.

81 / 100

The xx / I See You


The xx’s third studio album has the band change up their signature formula, creating a myriad of dreamy indietronica tunes. Read more: https://albumchats.wordpress.com/2017/01/24/the-xx-i-see-you/

81 / 100

William Basinski / A Shadow in Time


Basinski’s latest ambient release evokes feelings of nostalgia and melancholia against a moody backdrop. Competing with Eno’s Reflection, Basinski easily takes the trophy for January’s best ambient work.

82 / 100

Bonobo / Migration


Migration continues in Bonobo’s typical chillout vein, but by combining classic trippy electronica with stronger acoustic elements and orchestration brings this new release to a new level.

83 / 100

Wiley / Godfather


Godfather proves Wiley as the godfather of grime, bringing epic grime production and the UK hip hop charm together in a stunning release. Read more: https://albumchats.wordpress.com/2017/01/24/wiley-godfather/

84 / 100

Foxygen / Hang


Foxygen’s fourth studio album is a beautiful step forward in glam rock and baroque pop – lush orchestration and innovative composition define January’s most impressive release. Read more: https://albumchats.wordpress.com/2017/01/31/foxygen-hang/

86 / 100


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